Here’s all the shipping information you might want to know.

Delivery Time

The delivery time needed for the product to reach the buyer majorly depends on the buyer’s location.

If the product bought by the customer is “In Stock” we shall dispatch the product on the next business day (Except Sunday & Monday).

For Example:

1. If a customer buys a product on Friday, we shall despatch the product on Saturday and the customer shall receive it on Monday (As Sunday is not a business / working day).

2. If the customer buys a product on Sunday, we shall despatch the product on Tuesday & therefore the customer will receive the product on Wednesday or Max by Thursday.

3. Deliveries to all Urban cities usually delivered within 48hours (Except Sunday’s)

4. Delivering products to small townships shall take 3-4 business days.

5. To enhance our services further we also offer “Xpress Delivery” as an Option where the customer can pay some an extra amount for Superfast Shipping.

So in that case the customer receives the product on the next business day.

Time Vary

Vary in time of reaching the product to the buyer majorly depends on the buyer’s Pin Code.

Our tie-up courier company “Maruti Courier Services Pvt Ltd” usually ships to all Urban Cities within 48 hours & small towns in 36 to 48 hours depending on thelocation.

If Maruti does not ship to a certain city or location we shall try sending the product via Indian Postal Services which shall take anywhere between 10 to 14 days.


To remain brutally transparent in our prices and the overall way of selling our products we have given a bifurcation of the actual price of the product & the shipping charges required to reach the customer.

This unusual concept is imbibed for the customers benefit.

For Example:

If a Customer from Mumbai orders a Necklace worth Rs 1000 so the shipping charge liable is Rs 50/-, therefore the customer pays Rs 1,050/- & if a customer from Delhi orders the same Necklace the shipping charge liable is Rs 100, therefore the customer pays Rs 1,100/-.

As for now we don’t have a “Cash on Delivery” option for our clients outside Mumbai.

Our clients within Mumbai can avail a CoD option on any purchase of Rs 2,500/- & above.

We shall soon start this service for other cities too.

International Delivery

The good news is that our payment gateway does accept International payments and we do ship our products internationally.

The shipping charges for international couriers shall vary depending on the location of the customer.

We shall ship to any country where our products are accepted and don’t have to go under any custom or other government clearances.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Any order can be cancelled within 12 hours of the time of initial purchase.

Failing to cancel the order within the specified time the order shall not be cancelled and we shall go ahead with the usual dispatch procedure.

If the cancellation is done in the specified time the customer will receive a refund within 7 to 10 business days.

In no case the customer can return the product or demand a refund after receiving the delivery for the chosen product.

Hoping the above information answers all your queries regarding the shipping of the Ordered Product.

If questions still persist kindly feel free to contact us on: